2021-22 NBA Season ThreadHere is a thread for any questions, thoughts, or requests you might have!
A complete breakdown of the origins & specials from Brad Stevens famous Winner set at the end of games.
A breakdown of my favorite sets from the Warriors, Purdue, Pistons, Bulls & the Wizards.
When Billy Donovan joined the Chicago Bulls last season he ran some 5-Out offensive action but overall the roster was not built to run 5-Out until the …
The next evolution of our 5-Out NBA Offense study is the basic setup of 5-Out and allow players to read and react with the ball entered to a player (ty…
A breakdown of the New York Knicks Chin set and how timing and play design make plays work or not.
A breakdown of a special run for Brandon Ingram that the Suns run for Devin Booker.
A breakdown of the Hornets opening set vs the Nets and how they used a Lakers go-to set for an easy dunk.
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