Welcome to the start of our 2022-23 previews for every NBA team! These breakdowns are designed to look at stats, film & anything I found interesting in my preparation for the upcoming NBA season. If you liked this breakdown feel free to share it & if you want to show your…
A revamped lineup for the Pacers means more spacing - but will it be better offense?
The young Rockets will continue to play 5-Out basketball while developing young talent.
Chet & SGA are out, but the 5-Out read based flow offense will still be entertaining for the young Thunder.
Franz Wagner & Paolo make things interesing.
A look at some of the notes and film from the 76ers training camp.
A look at common specials and sets out of Delay.
Last season I did a complete breakdown of how the 76ers were using this Mike D’Antoni set for James Harden, so there might be some overlap between the 2…
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Half Court Hoops - Coach's Cut