2021 Season

All breakdowns from the 2021 NBA Season.

I accidentally sent out a blank post for a 21/Pistol Offense breakdown I am working on for an NBA 5-Out Series that will run throughout October. First…
All of the X's & O's & favorite plays from the 2021 NBA Playoffs
A deep dive into the sets, actions and concepts used by the Phoenix Suns & Milwaukee Bucks and a look at how they might defend them in this year's NBA…
A dive into how the Clippers & Bucks made subtle adjustments that allowed them to slow down Devin Booker & Trae Young in ballscreen defense.
Breakdown of Monty Williams end of game lob play from baseline out of bounds that beat the Clippers in game 2.
A breakdown of how Devin Booker took over the game, and Mikal Bridges finishing it off in game 1 against the Clippers.
A complete breakdown of all of the Suns' variations out of their best play, the Spain pick & roll.
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