2021 NBA Playoffs Best Sets & What's next?

First off, thank you for following, subscribing, and interacting throughout another great basketball season. With the “Offseason” upon us, it is time to dive into some projects that I want to focus on for my own growth and film study to learn more about the game I love. If you have any team-specific, or film study requests then please let me know either by replying here or in the questions & requests forum. I recently broke down my 15 favorite sets from the 2021 NBA Playoffs, as well as a 48-minute extended version for paid subscribers.

As this continues to grow I want to extend a special 20% discount off of a yearly subscription, and give some insights into what you can look forward to!

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Upcoming Projects I have planned (subject to change):

Alabama 5-Out Offense

Milwaukee Bucks NBA Playoffs Film Room

2021 Olympics Film Study

-USA Switching

-Best Sets & Playbook



EuroLeague Sets

These projects can change based on my interest and the amount of time I want to spend on them, but this is the current list of the next month and some of the film work I am putting in.

Thanks again for subscribing, I cannot wait to continue learning and growing with you!


Coach Pyper