2021-22 NBA Season ThreadHere is a thread for any questions, thoughts, or requests you might have!
A breakdown of the Golden State Warriors go-to play at the end of quarters since Steve Kerr took over.
A breakdown of how the Knicks used one of the most lethal ballscreen actions to beat the Celtics in a double OT thriller.
A breakdown of an ATO that Mike Budenholzer and the Bucks ran against the switching defense of the Brooklyn Nets.
The next evolution of our 5-Out NBA Offense study is the specials that NBA teams run after time outs or as counters to the normal Wide, Dribble & Elbow…
A breakdown of how NBA teams use the Elbow to trigger Princeton actions and allow players make plays.
The second breakdown in the NBA 5-Out Offense series, looking at how teams get multiple players involved.
A breakdown of the Wide or Single action used by NBA teams in their 5-Out offense.
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