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My whole goal as a coach is to help grow the game of basketball through learning first and teaching second. I study everything I can about the NBA, NCAA & International X’s & O’s to try and find the WHY behind the results. In these extended film room sessions, my aim is to help you learn with me as we both grow together.

When I create videos for YouTube half the battle is fighting copyright and making sure the video is not blocked. I have a couple of issues with this, but not the fact that the NBA claims their right to their own content - that is fine.

I do not like that I cannot include EVERY piece of information that I want in each video breakdown and that is the basis of starting the Coach’s Cut. In film and movies, we always hear about the director’s cut or the extended edition and that is essentially what this is designed to be - an extended cut from a coach’s perspective in which I can include any additional information as well as a way for you to show support for any work that I do. The other issue is that I basically don’t make any money off YouTube videos, which is natural since it is the NBA’s content. I have had several people reach out to me about Patreon or other ways to support, but I prefer to have earned support. The support I have received over the years has been honestly amazing, and I want to show my appreciation for that with basketball content - not just asking for money.

Originally I had a Patreon and that worked great, but I really don’t like the setup of Patreon so I was looking for alternatives for the last year or so. I searched for the things I was looking for, a simple quality way to share the breakdowns that I wanted to share. I stumbled onto substack and really liked the set up and I wanted to start and share these “Coach’s Cut” film room breakdowns.

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As opposed to other sites and links, this will hit your e-mail directly when I am finished with my edit. You won’t have to worry about missing anything or turning on notifications, the film is sent directly to you!

I also have a vision for an X’s & O’s video podcast, but that is ultimately several months if not a year down the road.

Q&As! I get asked a lot of questions all the time about everything imaginable and this will be a great way for me to get common questions answered in one place to be able to reference when anything else comes up.

Will everything here be paid content? Nope. I plan on creating content here regardless for everyone, but the goal is to have support as well to continue making the content I want to make.

Will my YouTube channel be any different? No, it will not! Everything will be the same as it always has been - just more information and in-depth breakdowns here!

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